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Cubicle Boards

All boards are combination of 14 & 16/18 SWG sheet steel, free standing, extensible, totally enclosed, dust tight, vermin-proof cubicle, flush dead front and of modular construction suitable for 3 phase 415V 4 wire 50 Hertz system TN-S neutrals grounding. All boards are accessible from the front or as shown on Drgs and specified in the equipment data sheet, considering ease of maintenance of switch fuses, bus bars, cable terminations, meters etc. Cables entries can be both from top as well as bottom. All panels are CNC machine pressed with punched openings for meters etc. mounted on a 75mm high base channel frame. All sheet steel are made rust free through a process of degreasing, derusting, phosphating, activation etc. The panels are finished with powder coating of approved color. Engraved plastic/aluminum labels are provided indicating the feeder details, and capacity and danger signs.

The boards accommodate air insulated bus bars, ACB, MCCB’s, SF units with HRC fuses, starters, meters, relays, contactors etc. are arranged in suitable tiers.

The switch board are fully compartmentalized in vertical tiers housing the feeder switches in totally enclosed independent compartments. Each compartment is self- sufficient with switch unit, fuses, contactors, relays, indicating lamps and optionally inter-locked door with facility for padlocking. Each switch or MCCB or ACB will have provision for locking in the OFF position for life safety. Each feeder will terminate in an independent labelled terminal block. All power terminals above 16 sq mm are stud or bus bar type. All terminations are shrouded in an approved manner

Main switch Operating height is limited to 1850mm maximum and 300 mm