DG Synchronize Panels

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DG Synchronize Panels

We offer DG sync panels using reputed DG controllers from DEIF/WOODWARD.

It includes:

  • DG synchronization
  • Auto Mains Failure Panel
  • Auto DG ON OFF
  • Feed back control in DG
  • DG automation
  • Parallel DG operation
  • DG PLC system
  • DG Load sharing
  • DG load management
  • DG efficiency improvement
  • Fuel saving in DG

The PLC used are from Schneider/Delta.

DG Load Management

For DG Load Management- Through our highly experienced engineers and other associate technical staff we provide optimized DG load management system to best Suit customer application.

Our Prestigious installations are World 1 Tower, NCP Lodha Towers, SP Infocity.